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“Good girl,” the man whispered, sending a shudder through my body. “That’s my little love toy.”

I tried to focus my vision, but the pounding pleasure was too distracting. I was finally able to see him clearly and right as I recognized my assailant, he reached down between my legs. Without an ounce of remorse, he caught my eyes and flicked his finger back and forth, mauling me with vigor and ownership. 


“Daddy?” I moaned breathlessly. “No! What are you doing?”



The warm breeze kissed my skin as I watched the pink fog float all around me. The small particles succulently fell onto the dirt beneath my feet. I studied the path, appreciating the mix of colors. I giggled as I imagined myself standing on a brownie topped with pink confectioner’s sugar. Along with my skin, my feet stayed warm as I moved along the pathway. I expected to feel a spongy or squishy texture against my bare feet, yet… it was tough and velvety.


  I stopped, cocking my head to the side in confusion. It wasn’t a bad feeling, so I took another cautious step and glanced to the left, and then the right of me. I smiled, tilting my chin up as another warm breeze caressed my face. Mmm… I closed my eyes, my feet moving forward beneath me. This was wonderful. The air grew warmer and the ground a little moist. Cedar tickled my nose, and like a catalyst, the floor began to sway back and forth. My eyes sprang open while the pink dust that had once been on the ground lifted all around me. The humidity was heavy an holding my weight became too difficult, so I fell to my knees. Although unexpected, I enjoyed the new rhythm and feeling of the pavement. It was so warm, which made me feel so much more relaxed… It was hard to think with the cedar smoke grazing roughly down my arms.


  Euphoria bloomed like flowers in my head. The wind engulfed me and felt amazing against my thighs. The street rose and fell causing me to sway gently. I giggled at how silly a road this was. It molded to me, cushioning my body and wrapping me in its velvety heat. But it continued to dance, rolling my body up and down the newly formulated hills. I noticed a beautiful spring of water and caught a few droplets as I moved toward it. A series of waves in the ground caused the spring water to slosh up against me. I gasped, wondering how this water could feel so good against my skin. Mmmm, I felt amazing… I never wanted this to stop. I only wanted the cedar to wash me down the rapids. The velvet waves stroked the petals in my brain. It felt… electric.



  Mmmm. I rolled my head along my pillow wishing I could hold onto the dream a bit longer. It felt so real. I rocked my hips, feeling a creeping arousal as I swam through the haze of waking up or going back to sleep. The waves pushed me… or no, my hips were gyrating. Again, I was stricken by my own pantomime. A sliver of dark room crept into my consciousness as my eyes opened to a slit. I tried to focus my vision, but the pounding pleasure was too distracting. Wait, the sensation subtly differed as I became more awake. The smooth rocking changed to an unforgiving pounding and I knew I was not the origin of the motion. I recognized the warm wind from my dream, but only this time it was coming from behind me. What was happening?


  I shifted, wanting to see what was happening and understand why I felt this intense pressure on my hips. There was a tight grip holding me in place. My mind flashed to my pussy when I noticed a slow, distinct withdrawal and push… There was some deliberate stroking that hit every nerve along the way, enlightening my senses.


   “Haaa,” I exhaled, confusingly, then a delicious surge of fullness expanded what felt like was inside of me. It felt thick and long, yet like the size of a sharpie. It wasn’t hard or cold, but warm and slightly curved like a finger. It was something I’d never experienced before. "Wait... wha—"


  I gasped without a choice as the stroking continued. I had no idea what was going on. I felt a chill run down my spine as I looked around the dark room with limited vision. Though I couldn’t see it, I felt a presence in the room.


  I tried to take a deep breath, but I was so afraid that I could barely manage a shallow one, despite my earlier reaction. I needed to sit up and tried to do so, but my chest lifted off my bed a few inches before something pushed me back down. I quickly understood why breathing was so difficult under this pressure as I was positioned with my face against the pillow and my ass up in the air.


  I heard a shuffling sound behind me, and my heart nearly stopped. The tight grip on my hip loosened significantly, and the sensation I was feeling between my legs stopped unexpectedly with a sudden pull out. Just as quickly, my arms were pinned above my head. I struggled to get out of this compromising position, only to find a strong hand—one that could only belong to a man—slither beneath my t-shirt and grab my breast while his forearm pressed against my abdomen, holding me in place. He fondled me, running a finger back and forth against my erect nipples as I noticed the warmth and dampness of his finger.


   “No!” I cried.


  “Shhh…” the man insisted, and I felt my heart pounding as he began to speak. “Shhh. I’ll take it easy on you.” The huskiness and warmth of his voice against my ear was like a jolt to my senses. I flinch when he pinches and twiddles my nipple between that wet finger and his thumb. Is… that what was inside me? His finger? It all sunk in.


  He was molesting me.


  “Ahhh!” I shrieked, frantically trying to move away from the unfamiliar man behind me. “Ahhh! Who—” His large hand covered my mouth, quickly silencing me. My only advantage now was that my wrists were freed.

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