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  Instinctively, my hands flew up to try to remove his, but it was as if he’d cemented his hand to my face. I fought to break free, fully aware of the man alternating between my large breasts and twisting my nipples as he saw fit.


  “Good girl,” the man whispered, sending a shudder through my body. “That’s my little love toy.” I listened intently to his words, his voice more familiar than the way he was touching my body.


  “Mmmh!” I muffled against his hand in protest, squeezing my eyes shut. My body wriggled as I felt his fingers trace down my stomach and over my panties, at which point I’d noticed I no longer had my shorts on.


  He stopped just between my legs and applied pressure the most sensitive spot on my pussy.


  “Mmm—ahhh!” My voice was muffled before I heard it fill the room, but only for a quick moment. The strange man placed his palm over my lips again, silencing the echoes.


  Did he release his grip just to hear me moan? I didn’t want to moan though. He made me! This is the first time I’ve ever heard something like that come out of my mouth in the 24 years I’d been alive. Why did this feel so good?


  I wanted to yell and scream and wake up Daddy in the next room. If he knew what was happening to me right now, he’d beat this guy to a pulp. Daddy was already 6’4, had the largest muscles I’d ever seen and was very protective of me. When I’ve had boyfriends in the past, he would intervene before they could do anything past kissing me and he wasn’t even happy about that. We’re so close that Daddy would do anything for me.


  “Mmmm,” I moaned once more when the man applies more pressure to my clit, rubbing me in a circular motion. Before I can properly protest, the man pulls down my panties. I wriggled violently, trying to get out his grasp.


  I’m shocked when it worked as his hand finally came off my face. The heat from his chest disappeared against my back, which meant I had a short window to move fast. My fight or flight instincts kicked into high gear, but alas the hopefulness I felt was brief as the man rolled me onto my back. His figure towered over me in the darkness. It took some effort to make out his face as he allowed me to sit up and back away into my pillow. Cool air hit my exposed pussy while my eyes adjusted to the man in front of me. I was finally able to see him clearly and right as I recognized my assailant, he reached between my legs. Without an ounce of remorse, he caught my eyes and flicked his finger back and forth, mauling my clit with vigor and ownership.


  “Daddy?” I moaned breathlessly, accidently. Electricity surged throughout my body, forcing goosebumps across my arms.


  “Mmm, yes, baby.” Daddy’s deep groan rumbles against my small frame. “You’re so wet for me.”


  “Daddy, no! What are you doing?” I griped his forearm with both of my hands, barely able to wrap around the thickness of it, trying to pry them from between my legs. It was obviously futile when his arm didn’t budge even a little bit as touched me. “Ahhh…” Groaning, I griped his arm tighter, feeling myself growing wet under his blissful touch. I’d always thought daddy was an attractive man, and I had to admit that his overpowering strength was extremely sexy, desirable even. It was something I’d always wanted in my next partner, but I never thought of something like this and not with him! “Stop it, daddy!”


  “You want me to stop,” Daddy asked, as if it weren’t clear enough by my protests.


  “M-mhhh,” I gasped and spoke sheepishly, “Yes… please, daddy.”


  He took his time pondering an answer as he stroked me, applying a tad bit more pressure than before, completely doing the opposite of what I’d asked him. I pouted, on the verge of tears, creating all these expressions of pleasure against my will as he looked me straight in the eyes with such lust. I didn’t want him to see me like this. This was my daddy, my favorite person in the world, but… I couldn’t look away from him. I couldn’t ignore how daddy began to rub up and down my pussy lips.


  “Daddy?” I whined, wanting some sort of response from him.


  “Show me.”


  “Huh, show you?” My eyes widened. What does he mean? I part my lips to further question him, but pleasure is all that poured out. Instead he spoke.


  “The response from your body is telling me something completely different, little girl.” He reminded me, the baritone in his voice booming over the escaping sound of my groans. “Show me you don’t want it.”


  It was true. I begged him not to with my words, although my body shivered with obvious betrayal. I couldn’t let this continue, so I tried crawling away to no avail, stuck between the headboard and daddy’s looming 6’4 build. I yanked on his forearm with every bit of strength, hoping that this time he’d budge. Nothing changed, except for my sweaty palms gliding up his shapely muscles. I tightened my grip, trying to move this mountain of a man but instead, my hands in tune with the slow movement of his arm, feeling the up and down tempo in both the palms of my hands and over my puffy labia.


  I bit my bottom lip, wanting to restrain myself and refusing to look my father in the eyes before more noises escaped. What has gotten over me?


  Daddy grumbled to himself, and I’m unable to make out what he’d said. In a few swift motions, he gripped my thigh with his free hand and pulled me toward him, forcing his thick middle finger into my slick pussy.

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#Age Gap/Play #Alpha #Bdsm #Cheating #Coercion #Creampie #Cum Swallowing #Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DDLG) #Dark #Domination #Dubious Consent (Dubcon) #Edging #Erotic #Explicit #Family #Father/Daughter #First-Time #Forbidden #Forced #Groped #Happily Ever After (HEA) #Incest #Kink #Man Of The House #Non-Consensual Sex (Noncon) #Obsessive #Older Man/Younger Woman #Oral #Pervert #Possessive #Praise #Punishment #Reluctant #Rough #Short Stories #Sleeping #Spanking #Submission #Taboo #Used #Virgin #Voyeur

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