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  I squealed at the sudden pressure and squeezed my thighs together.


  “Show me,” daddy growled, splitting my thighs apart with his own. He wasn’t having my disobedience and forced a second finger into my little hole.


  I yelped at his sheer force, the harshness in which her fingered me, lifting my hips from the motion. The palm of his knuckles smacked against my under cheek while I could only react and listen to the gushing sounds coming from my body, but I needed to show him.


  How could he expect me to like this? I was on my back now and with fewer chances to flee than before. It took everything in me to fight him off. When I tried to sit up, he pushed me down immediately. When I tried to hit him, he pinned my arm. How could I find the strength to stop him when his touch was making me so weak?


  He lifted my shirt and my heart raced as I felt daddy’s lips and tongue on my tender breasts. He suckled on them both, caressing my sensitive skin before slowly kissing his way down my stomach and over my bare mound.


  “No! You can’t do this.” I pleaded breathlessly, knowing how useless my words were. I quickly shifted my attention to his hair, grabbing a fist full into both my palms before pulling.


  He sucked his teeth, drawn out and sharply, before a low grumble vibrated through pursed lips. It was the same manner he’d do if I had gotten into serious trouble, like the times I’d gotten caught sneaking out or when I broke one of mom’s favorite china due to my clumsiness.


  “Let go,” he warned.


  And in the same way I’d deny any wrong doings, I brazenly shook my head. “No.”


  Daddy bit his lip, angrily tugging on the flesh between his teeth as he glared at me. “Don’t make me say it again. NOW, little girl.” He commanded, the emphasis on “now” loud and frightening…


  I shook my head again, petrified to utter a single word under his dark shroud.


  “Bad girl,” he scolded me, and I felt my heart sink into the pit of my stomach. “Fine, then you better keep them there.” He warned, clearly ticked off but this was all I had to make him stop. I already knew I was no match for daddy. This was my only chance. If I let go, then daddy would only—


  “Mmh!” I exclaimed the second I felt daddy’s lips overtake my own. His large hands roamed every inch of my body as I pull on his hair. My body shuddered, fighting between prying him off and holding him tightly as he explored every crevice and contour. One moment, he was sliding a finger down my back, forcing my aching body to curve instinctively toward him. The next, his large hands slithered down my arms while he kissed me, harder and deeper, with a fervent urgent need I never knew I need before.


  “…so soft,” he murmured onto my lips, wandering freely.


  My eyes roll back and the grip I once had on his hair is no longer a thing. As my arms laid limp beside me, I was in capable of overcoming the yielding rush of helplessness as daddy helped himself to my body. I wanted to resist him, but the thought of how strong, sexy and dominating daddy was… it all just made me lose my mind with bliss. Daddy’s hot mouth slobbered over my breasts as he squeezed my butt cheeks from behind, feeling the weight of his entire body. This was so wrong. He humped me, and I found myself wondering why daddy felt so good.


  I snapped out of the haze at the sound of my t-shirt tearing apart. I gasped before daddy presses his lips to mine once more while he removed the remainder of my clothing. He picked me up afterward and took us off the bed. I wrapped my arms and legs around him, hoping not to fall between these quick movements.


  “Daddy, where are we going?” I asked, taking note of my panties, shorts and destroyed t-shirt on the bed. “Why am I naked?” He takes a few strides across the room, pressing my soft skin to his rigid body before trapping me between him and the cold wall of my bedroom. I wince at the sudden, cold temperature against my back, pushing my already squished breasts into daddy.


  “I want you naked, little girl. I want to see all of you.”


  “Why?” I grumbled quietly, not wanting to tick him off again. “Can’t I just keep my clothes on. It’s unfair. You have yours on… I don’t want to do this.”


  “Then take my shirt off.”


  “What?” I hesitated. There was intense staring and a long silence before I complied, unsure if I’d done it for myself or because daddy had said to. I bit my lip, looking back and forth up at daddy and down to his shirt. Shakily, I grabbed the end of it and slowly hoisted it above his head. I marveled at his muscular chest covered in sexy chest hair before daddy hoisted me up above him. I squealed as he placed his large hands beneath my thighs to keep in place while he buried his face.


  “No-” my voice cut off into moans as I felt daddy’s tongue slide over clit. “Daddy, wait, aaah~


  “Mmh, good girl,” he whispered into my pussy sending shivers up my spine.


  I gripped his hair, not to stop it, but because it was the only thing I could hold onto as my hips buckled in his grasp. “Daddy,” I called out to him, so happy to be praised this time. I’m daddy’s good girl. I’m daddy’s good girl! My head tossed back and smacked against the wall as my stomach grew tingly. “Ahhh, daddy!” My toes curled beneath me from the new sensations.

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#Age Gap/Play #Alpha #Bdsm #Cheating #Coercion #Creampie #Cum Swallowing #Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DDLG) #Dark #Domination #Dubious Consent (Dubcon) #Edging #Erotic #Explicit #Family #Father/Daughter #First-Time #Forbidden #Forced #Groped #Happily Ever After (HEA) #Incest #Kink #Man Of The House #Non-Consensual Sex (Noncon) #Obsessive #Older Man/Younger Woman #Oral #Pervert #Possessive #Praise #Punishment #Reluctant #Rough #Short Stories #Sleeping #Spanking #Submission #Taboo #Used #Virgin #Voyeur

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