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My eyes opened to a slit in the temporary darkness of my bedroom. I noticed a small bout of orange sunlight peeking through the window, which meant it was dawn. I opened my mouth to yawn and began to choke. I hadn’t planned on dying yet, so I swallowed as much of the salty liquid as I could before a fit of coughing.


  I propped myself up on my elbows and the rest came spilling out. It poured like water out of a faucet and onto my bare chest when I noticed daddy standing over me beside the bed. Hand in cock, daddy watched me.


  He groaned, naked and stroking his member with a strip of sunlight across his abs. It was easy to put the pieces together and daddy seemed to enjoy watching me catch up with he’d done by the look of the smirk on his lips. I licked my own, listening to daddy moan because of me, scooping up all the leftovers until I came to realize there was plenty to go around. My arms, legs, face and hair were all covered in daddy’s cum, as if I were a glazed donut. Everywhere I touched myself, it was sticky. I turned to look up at him and daddy shoots another load at me. I squealed, turning my head the opposite direction, but not fast enough for any of it to miss my face. Not that it made much of a difference as everything about me was covered in his semen. I could barely open an eye. I pouted, slightly dissatisfied with the conditions, until…


  Daddy praised me, “Such a good girl.” I watched him bite his lip and my heart fluttered. I couldn’t help my cum covered grin. I loved being a good girl for daddy. I didn’t want anything to change. “Close your eyes,” he instructed before wiping the lids of my eyes clear, “open.”


  I did just that, gazing up at daddy while he petted my sticky head.


  “You’re mine. Do you understand?”


  I blushed, looking down, but daddy quickly tilted my chin to face him again. “Yes, daddy,” I admitted softly.


  “Good.” Daddy smiled, then turned my body so that my legs would hang off the bed. I got up, knowing I’d need a shower after a long night, but Daddy pushed me back, forcing me to sit on the edge of the bed as I witnessed a continuous lust from him. I thought he’d wanted me to shower and change the bed sheets after such a long night. If that wasn’t it, what more did he want?


  I looked up at him, wondering what more he wanted until he pushed me down on back and laid over kissing me. Daddy’s hand traced my pussy lips again, and I moaned from the sensitivity, soon after feeling something much harder between my legs.


  My pulse quickened as daddy rubbed his cock against my pussy. Kissing, groping, and licking my pussy was one thing, but actual sex was completely different. This was going too far. “No, I’m not ready. I’m tired, daddy.”


  “Don’t want to?” He asked in a low tone, keeping his gaze firmly locked on mine as he continued to rub himself back and forth between my legs. “Then, show me how much you don’t want it.”


  If last night taught me anything is that I’m not match daddy. He could do whatever he wanted with me, so I did the only thing I could do and whined, “Daddyyy.”


  He chuckled, slowing the pace of his strokes until I feel the tip of his cock resting at my entrance. “Who owns you?”


  Taken aback by the question, I felt something inside me responding pleasantly to his boldness. In a small voice, I told him the truth. “You do.”


  Daddy smiled and moved his hips, applying a little more pressure while he bent just beside my ear. I grimaced and daddy whispered, “Are you a good girl?”


  The bass in daddy’s voice sends shivers over my entire body. “Yes, dad—”


  He entered me ever so slowly, watching my face and savoring every moment as I stretched apart. Tears feel down the side of my eyes as the pain seemed unbearable. “Ow! Daddy, please stop!”


  “I won’t.”


  I winced at the abrupt decline while daddy moved as he rightfully owned me. “It hurts!”


  “It’s only the tip, princess. Just hold onto me.” And I do, wrapping my legs around his waist and clutching onto his biceps. “I’ll be filing you up this morning. Every last drop of daddy’s cum will hit the back of your cunt. Do you understand?”


  He drove into me and I knew there was nothing I could do at this point, so I just gave into him. He worked my pussy open until it stretched past it’s limits, engulfing his cock with my tight lips. I whimpered, “…yes, daddy.”


 “Mmmh, so silky. I can’t wait to feel all of you.” Daddy groaned with anticipation after he’d lodged half himself inside his little girl. “You feel amazing.”


  I squealed as daddy gripped my hips until his cock was firmly pressed against the wall of my cervix. Daddy held me in place and for the next few minutes, there was a thick pressure pulsating against the top of my pussy.


  “It’s okay baby. The hardest part is over. Do you feel me inside you?”


  “Yes, daddy.” I nodded. “I can feel it moving inside me.”


  “It’s because you’ve got daddy extremely horny, babygirl. I’ve been wanting to take you for a few years now.” Daddy admitted and slowly slid out. He stopped only to apply circular-motioned pressure to my clit and slammed back into me.


  “Ahhh,” I exclaimed in both pleasure and pain and my hips beckoned uncontrollably. The sensation was overwhelming, and I felt my body arching toward him in pleasure. I tried to silence my singing nerves and ignore how my clit throbbed, but my control was slipping. Although, daddy was right.

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#Age Gap/Play #Alpha #Bdsm #Cheating #Coercion #Creampie #Cum Swallowing #Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DDLG) #Dark #Domination #Dubious Consent (Dubcon) #Edging #Erotic #Explicit #Family #Father/Daughter #First-Time #Forbidden #Forced #Groped #Happily Ever After (HEA) #Incest #Kink #Man Of The House #Non-Consensual Sex (Noncon) #Obsessive #Older Man/Younger Woman #Oral #Pervert #Possessive #Praise #Punishment #Reluctant #Rough #Short Stories #Sleeping #Spanking #Submission #Taboo #Used #Virgin #Voyeur

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