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  The worst part of it seemed to be over, but it didn’t change the fact that I’d have to get used to his large size.


  As he continued to work me over, I noticed that my fearful squeals transformed into soft moans. My hips beckoned unexpectedly, and daddy chuckled, pulling his dick out and slamming the entirely of himself right back into my womb.


  “Mmmm, daddy!” I moaned, feeling the lack of mercy from daddy shake me to the core. The mix of pain and pleasure came rushing in, and it felt amazing. I’d never had anything like it before and it felt even better when he began to move his hips in circles, grinding against me.


  "That's my little girl. Are you my little princess?"


  Daddy steadily plowed through me, rubbing my clit on and off.


  "Ohhh... uhhh..." I tried to find the words under the new wave of pleasure.


  "Are you my little princess, girl?" he asked sternly and ramming his dick in and pressing my clit hard. He stood in place like this, waiting for an immediate answer.


  "Ahhh! Yes!” I squealed out. “Yes, daddy, I'm your little princess!"


  The last few words rolled sloppily off my tongue and I felt daddy gently pull all of himself out of me, giving my pussy momentary relief and another draft of cool air.


  "Mmm... yes you are.” Daddy groaned like an animal, shifting his gaze between my legs. “You are my little princess.” He admired the new stretch in my folds, running several of his demanding fingers along my flesh. I shuddered at his touch, soaking in the total dominance he had over me. Somehow, my body was growing to love it, betraying my reluctance.


  Daddy aligned himself and looked into my hesitant eyes, seeming to enjoy my disdain as I felt his cock probing at my entrance. The head slipped just inside me, stretching me apart once more. He noted my shaking head, but daddy wasn’t having it.


  He gripped my hips, holding me in place before whispering my favorite words through gritted teeth, “good girl,” and drove into me with one stroke. “Yesssss,” he hissed by my ear as he sank into me fully.


  “Ohhhh,” I cried out, thrilled by his praise and desperate for more than I could handle. Speared on his cock, I struggled to catch my breath while daddy wiped the tears that streamed down my cheek from the intensity of it all.


  “That’s my babygirl, taking daddy’s cock so well.” He leaned over and kissed me on the forehead, showing just how much he cared about me, but that alone wouldn’t stop him. In fact, it may be encouraging him.


  “Yes, daddy,” I moan. The thought drove me crazy, knowing that daddy wanted me so badly he’d force himself on me and praise me for being so obedient.


  He continued to fuck me like a love doll, moving back just to watch me as he gripped my neck firmly with one hand. He squeezed just enough to allow me to breathe and my body rippled with chills. Daddy was too good. I didn’t want to show how much I loved it, and yet I moaned continuously in utter bliss, showing him exactly that.


  His hips rocked me back hard as he took my pussy. I felt myself moisten around his invading cock. I hoped he hadn't noticed but I heard him rumbling low and appreciatively as he angled deeper into my wetness.


  I squeezed my eyes shut trying to block out the pain and pleasure crackling up my spine, but it was pointless. I felt every stroke, every vein, every pulse inside me.


  “Mmmm… nooo, daddy.” I whimpered, knowing how close I was. 


  “Yes,” he growled, tightening his grip around my neck like a silent warning. “Cum on daddy’s cock,” he commanded, hitting my g spot over and over again.


  I couldn’t hold on for long and daddy knew it. I shattered. I drew my legs up to wrap around his waist trying to hold on to something as my hips bucked wildly. “ah-ahhh,” I squealed as my pussy convulsed around daddy’s enormous cock. “Mmm.”


  "Fuck, baby! Yesss, good girl!" His words slurred a bit as his thrusts frenzied. “My little cum bucket.” He released my neck only to wrap his arms around my shoulders to jackhammer into me. "I'm going to fill your little hole up."


  I slowly came down from my orgasmic frenzy and somewhere through the haze of ruthless fucking I processed his words, remembering that this was my first time.


  “Daddy, wait. I’m not on birth control,” I reminded him, weakly slipping my arms between us to push at his chest and get him away from me, but that only served to ignite something feral in him.


  “Fuck!” He grabbed my shoulders harder, compressing me to his hard frame. Daddy hunched his back, riding me the way he wanted to. "You don’t want me cum in your little cunt? Hm?” he asked and bit hard his bottom lip. “You don’t want my seed?”


  My entire body rocked raggedly beneath daddy as he held my gaze. I felt another lustful wave build inside me and still I resisted, meekly shaking my head.


  He grunted, shuddering as he pushed himself deep inside my pussy. His heavy frame trembled as he pumped a few more times, spreading his milky liquid inside his own daughter.


  Knowing that he was emptying his balls inside me without my permission, after hard fucking me without my consent and having penetrated my holes while I slept defenseless was too much.


  “Daddy! Haaaaaah!” I twitched uncontrollably, cuming all over his cock. I loved feeling him inside me pumping his hot sticky cum right where he wanted. I moaned into his shoulder trying to muffle the sound of my own complicit participation. “Mmmm.” He owned me.


  “Shit,” daddy heaved out of breath, “babygirl that was amazing.” He planted kisses all over my face, showering me with affection.

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#Age Gap/Play #Alpha #Bdsm #Cheating #Coercion #Creampie #Cum Swallowing #Daddy Dom/Little Girl (DDLG) #Dark #Domination #Dubious Consent (Dubcon) #Edging #Erotic #Explicit #Family #Father/Daughter #First-Time #Forbidden #Forced #Groped #Happily Ever After (HEA) #Incest #Kink #Man Of The House #Non-Consensual Sex (Noncon) #Obsessive #Older Man/Younger Woman #Oral #Pervert #Possessive #Praise #Punishment #Reluctant #Rough #Short Stories #Sleeping #Spanking #Submission #Taboo #Used #Virgin #Voyeur

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