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Billionaire Boss 1

Billionaire Boss 1


He looks at me intensely and I shiver. He follows me...


but I’m not sure my legs are going to carry me to the car or to the house, and yet, somehow I make it.


He guides me to the bed and with a push, I fall onto my back. He reaches for my pantyhose and panties, stripping them from my hips, legs, and feet. I settle into the sheets and hold my arms out to my boss. He ignores them and quickly moves between my legs. I gasp. His hands slide up the inside of my thighs, and the higher they go, the more my sighs turn to gasps. His lips take the place of his hands, as my legs seem to open at his powerful touch.


His lips and tongue touch each thigh and move higher each time he moves back and forth. I can feel his breath on my kitty, which is sparsely covered in hair. His breath sends a shiver through my body, but the first touch of his lips on my kitty lips sends a shock wave through me.


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