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Billionaire Boss 3

Billionaire Boss 3


I line the four of them up and go down the line kissing them. The next time, I open their belts.


When I get back to the first, again, he has his jeans open and down to his knees. This is really beginning. I kneel in front of him, pull his underwear down, and stroke his cock. It is soon growing in my hands and mouth, so I move to the next one who had his cock out and stroking it himself. The others follow suit.


The line I have formed has morphed into a tight semicircle so I merely turn to move from one to the next. When I return to the first again, he has removed his shoes, socks, and pants. He is in the process of pulling his shirt up over his head. His cock is hard, and he encourages me up to my feet.


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