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Daddy's Fertile Virgin v1

Daddy's Fertile Virgin v1


”No, Mr. Gordan!" Suzie cries when she hears my belt jiggle. She whimpers and quivers beneath me when I whip it off and chuck it to the floor.


"Shhhhh...." I hush while gliding my fingertips across her glistening kitty. "Don't you feel how wet you're getting for me, babygirl? That means you like me."


"Mmmmm...! But Mr. Gordan! No one's ever done this to me before...!"


"That's okay, sweetheart. I'll teach you. I'll make you feel good." I keep rubbing all along her cunt and she writhes below me. My polo and jeans are still on but my manhood is barking to be let out. I unzip my pants and shimmy down my jeans.


"Mr. Gordan... wait!”


 Her cries don’t mean shit to me… and her kitty is mine now. 



TRIGGER WARNING! This book is provocative.

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