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Daddy's Good Girl 2

Daddy's Good Girl 2


"Please, Daddy, no! I'm sorry! I didn't mean to!" Melody wails, but it’s already too late.


Melody feels Daddy crowd against the backs of her legs, his flannel robe sliding against her inner thighs as he wedges his body between her inner thighs. When the flannel pushes away, she feels something long, thick and bristling with hair and realizes he’s naked.




Melody pushes with the upper half of her body but her lower half is still pinned by the immovable bar of his arm. She twists her head and sees him, noticing how contorted Daddy's face is. It’s as if she’s looking at a complete stranger the way his lips draw back from his teeth and eyes burn with anger. Still holding her down, he shoves his other hand up the loose gaping leg-hole of her shorts. She thrashes, but her kicking legs stick out uselessly to the sides and can’t hit him.


"No!" Melody shrieks breathlessly. "Daddy, don’t!"


Melody realizes she went too far with teasing her father and it’s too late to beg for forgiveness. She’s vulnerable, and there’s nothing she can do about it.


Daddy is too far gone now. He will have his way with her.



TRIGGER WARNING! This book is provocative.

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