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Daddy’s Little Brat

Daddy’s Little Brat


“Come ‘ere you little skank!” In my rage, I yank my girl over my knee and throw her tiny skirt over her bum.


"No, Daddy, stop! What are you doing!!"


"Quiet, girl! I'm going to spank you now, like the whore you are! Hanging out with boys... suckin' dick!!"


I berate her, clapping my palm onto her bare butt cheek.


"Oh! Daddy!!" she cries.


"Silence! A slut doesn't get to speak when she's being punished!"


I continue savagely, crashing my hands onto her buns till she bucks. She cries and writhes, begging me to stop, but I know she'll never learn if I do. 


There is no way I can guarantee my girl’s flower will stay intact around these other men. I can’t let them have her.


I’d rather ruin her myself.



TRIGGER WARNING! This book is provocative.

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