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Daddy's Little Dolls 3

Daddy's Little Dolls 3


“Such good girls,” he groans as he strokes my braid.


A pleased shudder runs down to my dripping kitty. I squeeze my thighs tighter together and nibble on his shaft as Aeri bobs her mouth faster and faster, eager to give Daddy every ounce of her pleasure.


And then the phone rings. It’s Mom. Aeri pops her mouth off Daddy’s cock. Her eyes widen and her bottom lip trembles as Daddy reaches for his phone.


“Don’t stop,” he commands and answers the phone.


I smirk. Mom would be furious if she knew I was sucking Daddy’s cock. She never brings Daddy the tight, young cunt he craves.


I do.



*This book is provocative. There is explicit content intended for adults (18+). Read at your own risk.*

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