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Daddy's Little Girls 2

Daddy's Little Girls 2


“Daddy?” I ask, a fearful whine in my voice. He is just so big.


“I gave you orders when I left the house. What did I order you to do?”


I glance at my best friend who lurks at the edge of the living room and her face is as pale as mine.


“But Daddy?” I whine and tremble in my position. Is he serious? I want to be a good girl, but Aeri is here. I give him such a pleading look. “C-can we do this in private?”


“No.” His word is final, and I blush. Doesn’t Daddy worry about getting in trouble? What if Aeri talks to her parents or to a teacher at school this fall? The moment I say it, Aeri will know the forbidden things Daddy has done. “Now, young lady!”


I have to obey him! “I… I…”



*This book is provocative. There is explicit content intended for adults (18+). Read at your own risk.*

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