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Devil Daddy 7

Devil Daddy 7


“Good morning, slut.”

“Good morning, Master. Good morning, Mistress,” Ally says politely as she steps out onto the balcony.

“Did you make the arrangements I asked you to,” I ask. Yesterday, I sent her several texts while Krysta and I were shopping.

“Yes, Master, I made all the reservations and programmed the GPS,” Ally answers.

“Good slut,” I praise, and pull my cock out. Ally kneels before me and sucks my cock into her warm mouth.

“What arrangements?” Krysta asks, curiously. She glances behind me and shakes her head when she sees Ally blowing me. She is a pro at blowjobs. She has a tongue stud; the metal was a small spot of hard pressure rubbing across my dick.

“An orca tour,” I answer. “And then dinner in Seattle, at the Space Needle. If you want to.”

“Are you asking me out an a date while some slut sucks on your dick?”

WARNING: This book is provocative.

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