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Doctor Daddy v4

Doctor Daddy v4


"You have such a tight, little pussy," he said, his voice sweet as honey.


Kierra opened her mouth to protest, but the questions that were going through her mind were cut off by his finger just barely nudging that spot again. She whimpered. Her hips pulsed forward, craving a deeper touch. But why? She didn't want this. Dr. Choi chuckled at her reaction, making her feel a little insecure as to what is going on.  


"Goodgirl," he praised her softly. “Do you feel good?" 


"I... I... No!" She suddenly reached down to push his hands away, then placed her own hands between her legs to block his access. This isn't right. "No, stop right now. I... you're not supposed to-" 


"I'm a doctor, Kierra," Dr. Choi said in a firm tone. He sat up and looked her fiercely in the eyes. "I will have to tie your hands down if you don't move them." 


She didn't want to be in trouble with the doctor as he was serious about what he'd do to her if she didn't listen. I mean, he is the professional. Right?



TRIGGER WARNING: This book is provocative.

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