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Filled Up by Daddy

Filled Up by Daddy


"Daddy! Daddy! It hurts!" she squeals, her unscathed kitty trying to escape the invader.


"I know, Baby. Shhhhhh." He coos, the involuntary resistance making him throb. "Touch yourself. Touch yourself for Daddy."


Panting and wiggling wildly, Kat obeys.


"Good girl," he whispers in her ear, quickly moving back to watch her squirm beneath him.


"You're daddy's virgin," he replies, his voice hoarse and his eyes hungry. The animal inside him coming alive.


Jared is going to claim his babygirl’s little cherry… but is Kat ready for that?



TRIGGER WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

White bunny in black border; against pastel purple background
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