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First Time with Daddy 1

First Time with Daddy 1


My nipples poke against the semi-transparent top of my negligee as my small breasts quiver. Every step is taking me closer to Daddy.


I reach the second floor and glance to my right. The master bedroom is open. The portal into my parents’ room. I wince. I notice my bedroom door, which is shut tight. I could dart in there and hide, but I’m shaking. This is so wicked. He is my flesh and blood.


My heart pounds in my chest. My entire body trembles. Blood rushes to my face as I swallow… and step into the bedroom.


“Baby girl,” Daddy says, his voice a deep rumble.


I squeal at his sudden appearance and tremble before him. What am I going to do??



TRIGGER WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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