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First Time with Daddy 2

First Time with Daddy 2


My daughter feels incredible.


“Shit,” I groan, my dick a slab of iron.


My member throbs and aches, knowing damn well what I actually want to do. Another taste of Sammy’s forbidden kitty burns in the back of my mind. I would revel in her. It would be incredible as she wraps herself around me. So tight, hot and delicious.


I groan, kneading her ass as the pleasure warms through me. My fingers dig into her rump while my heart pounds ferociously in my chest. My balls tighten, a load of my seed eager to flood her… but I can’t.


My wife—her mother—is right outside the back door. That is a fact, but can I really resist Sammy’s seduction?



TRIGGER WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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