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First Time with Daddy 3

First Time with Daddy 3


I rip my kitty off of Daddy and throw myself from straddling him on his recliner. Fear rushes through me at my mother’s fury.


Mother stands at the entrance of the living room, wearing her gardening clothes. She was supposed to be out in the backyard. She wasn’t supposed to come into the house and catch me with Daddy.


I flee.


I race out of the living room, tears spilling down my cheeks. I feel the Daddy’s hot liquid leaking out of my kitty and down my thighs. I dart up the stairs, my bare feet slapping on the carpeted runner. I reach the second floor and hurry into my bedroom.


She wasn’t supposed to catch us. Now it’s all over…


or is it?



TRIGGER WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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