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Forced by Daddy v3

Forced by Daddy v3


“You’re a treat, baby girl,” he said, licking his lips. “And I’m always going to have a taste.”


“Emma is upstairs,” I grunted, wiggling against his firm hold.


“I know that,” he responded and kissed my lips. I wanted to pull away but his hand has got me locked to him. “She takes her sweet time in there,” he added.


I was out of breath, already shaken by the kiss. His hand slid down my back and rested on my butt. He gave it a tight squeeze and groaned. It wasn’t long before I felt his erection poking me.


“I can’t control myself around you,” he breathed, embracing my whole body before. “Do it,” he urged, then quickly released me.


“I… I don’t want to,” I stuttered. He grabbed my head and pushed me down, stuffing my mouth with his …!



TRIGGER WARNING! This book is provocative.

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