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Jealous 1

Jealous 1


You'd be smart to stay away from me, little girl. I have every intention of ruining you.


Rose Kanyenda has always admired the man that Preston Quinn was ever since she was a child. Now that she’s an adult, she sees her father’s best friend in a different light, one that could change their relationship forever. She makes advances toward him, but what is Rose to do when she can’t seem to get his attention at all?


Preston notices how Rose has grown into a beautiful woman when she enters his classroom during her first year of college. His attraction for her builds and suddenly he has no control over his urges. Trying to salvage his longtime friendship, Preston avoids Rose at all costs. But when that doesn’t work, he finds himself crossing lines that could ruin his relationships with the both of them.



WARNING: There is explicit content. Read at your own risk.

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