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Killer Captive 3

Killer Captive 3


You can never leave, Aeri… Never.


It’s rare that a captee can make a captor feel disturbed, but Aeri does just that for Ace. She’s a wonderful distraction and keeps his shadow at bay. Sneaky, saucy… sexy. Yes. He wants nothing more than to tame his reluctant little bunny. He wants to know what makes her tick and what makes her body moan more than it already has. Even if he doesn’t realize it himself, he needs her now more than ever.


Starving, cold, and filthy, Aeri’s forced to be an obedient girl as Ace allows her to take a bath in his bedroom. Her mind screams one thing, but her body aches for another as she’s touched by her worst nightmare. Will she ever make it out of his sight?



WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

White bunny in black border; against pastel purple background
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