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Ochoa Mafia Brothers 2

Ochoa Mafia Brothers 2




Ruthless. Unforgiving. The King of the City. Danielle finally understands the kind of man that is Julián Ochoa. She should’ve never asked for his help, but now that she’s in his grasp, he’s locked her away in his mammoth of a mansion.


He’s warned that it’s to protect her, but Danielle thinks otherwise and when his brother, Alejandro, appears before her, she’s happy to escape from Julián’s tight hold.


Julián has his reasons for everything that’s happened up until this point, but he won’t tolerate Alejandro’s sudden disappearance with the woman he’s claimed as his own, especially when it involves Flynn Murray.


They can never be together, but Alejandro wasn’t the person.



WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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