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Our Slave Girl

Our Slave Girl


Soon… you will be begging to obey our commands.


Master Ji Ho, who stood broad at 6’3 and his wife, Mistress Ha Na, who stood slender at 5’5, appear to be a typical young couple… A young couple who happens to enjoy training and dominating their new recruits, just as their title implies. However they have some resistance from their long sought after prey.


Slave Alice, a petite 5’1 girl, finds herself entangled with this couple after being thrown away like trash from her family. She’s tired of running from group home to group home, but not enough to listen to every demand from these strange people.


Will Master Ji Ho and Mistress Ha Na be able to tame her or will Slave Alice take back the power she once had?



WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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