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Owned by Captain Daddy

Owned by Captain Daddy


”B-but, Captain... you're so big! Spare me, please!” I beg. He grabs me from the table and throws my naked body over his shoulder like a caveman.


He repeatedly smacks my ass the whole way to our new shed. I squeal and kick in a vain effort to protect my girlhood.


"Lay on this, girl." He tells me before placing me on my back. "Open yer legs for me now, woman. Give yerself to yer Captain.” He crawls up between my legs, easily spreading my thighs.


"No! No Captain you can’t!” I plea desperately, but that doesn’t stop him.


It’s of no concern to him I’ve lost my parents and I’m stuck on this island with a horny group of men. It seems I have no choice with the Captain, because in his mind…


I’m already his.



TRIGGER WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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