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Slayer's Captive 2

Slayer's Captive 2


I gape as Litch’s hands move around underneath my back. I hadn’t lied—I can feel every touch of his.


He unzips the back of my dress. His hands move up and slide my shoulder straps down.


“No,” I say, unwilling to believe that this is happening. “No. Litch.”


He leans forward and kisses me on my bare neck. His lips burn my skin with heat. Despite myself, I feel my body respond to his touch. His hand caresses my breasts, then lingers over my stomach, and eventually come to rest at my hip. He holds still and kisses me lightly on the underside of my chin.


“You’re the only one who’s ever commented on my sculpture,” he says. His mouth is right next to my ear. “Did you know that? Most people ignore it. I’m glad you can appreciate art, even if you didn’t understand what I meant by it.”




“You thought I felt trapped in the glass globe, yes? But I am the artist. I’m not trapped anywhere. You’re the one who’s trapped.” His hand moves down and pulls the hem of my dress up.


I gasp as he slides his hand underneath. “Litch, please—”


“Trapped here with me.”





WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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