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Slayer's Captive 3

Slayer's Captive 3


His cock is hard already. I can feel his erection pressing against the back of my thighs as I lie on top of him.


Then he unbuttons the top button of my shirt. His hands draw the fabric apart. The chill of the library air makes my nipples hard. He cups one breast with his hand, his thumb smoothing circles around the hard button.


I gasp as his bare cock twitches between my thighs, hot against my skin. “I shiver” To my embarrassment, I am already wet. My thighs clench together as I feel the slayer’s long fingers trace down my body.


I wince, thinking about his hand holding a scalpel, slicing open skin. Yet, to my embarrassment, I’m already wet.


What is wrong with me?



WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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