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Slayer's Captive 4

Slayer's Captive 4


She is mine. I can’t control the savage lust inside of me.


I bend my toy over the couch. Her soft cries, her needy noises, the sound of her breath catching as I force her over the cushions–they drive me to a need that I’ve never experienced before.




I have to have her. My hands move along her creamy skin. Her perfect hips press against the couch. My hand wraps around her neck and kneads the muscles there. I savor her small gasps as I work my way between her legs, my fingers ripping at the button of my fly.


“Please,” she cries. “Please.”


I bend her over the couch and lean in close behind her, right beside her ear. What I say next makes her shiver with fright or desire.


“You’re mine now.”



WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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