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Staining Zana 2

Staining Zana 2


You… will be punished.


Zana contemplates whether to meet the stranger from last night, although who is she kidding? She enjoyed every last bit of the sweet torture, even if it did sting a little. She’s done it once before and figures she can handle it again. She doubts anything would change, but when she arrives at the store, her confidence shifts when she sees what has been laid out for her… How could she forget that she’s being punished for having an orgasm without Sir’s permission?


Zana is trembling and reluctant to participate. However, the store is closed, the doors are locked, and it’s only the two of them alone now. It’s far too enticing for the mysterious man to let Zana leave now… She was disobedient and now she must pay.



WARNING: This book is provocative. Read at your own risk.

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