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Step Daddy’s Virgin v1

Step Daddy’s Virgin v1


"Aaahhhh!" I yelped into his hand but Daddy squeezed my face and told me to shut up.”


I was being held at the sink by my stepfather, who had just pushed aside my panties. His hands had been rubbing my kitty. I didn't understand why Daddy was doing it because I knew it was wrong. I couldn't explain the pleasant sensation either. 


"You're so pretty, Anais,” he whispered with his middle finger lodged inside me. 


I froze up and kept washing the plate I had in my hand. I couldn't reply but he didn't mind, he just kept touching me. 


"So pretty... and such a good girl. You like listening to me, huh, Anais? You like doing your chores for me like a good girl?"


Since I didn't want to make him mad by responding incorrectly, I nodded slowly. Whether or not it was appropriate, he began sliding a second finger into me, and I immediately found myself on my toes.


"I know you do, my girl. I know how much you love me."


When I heard a zipper pop, I tried to turn back and protest, but Daddy wouldn't let me. He covered my mouth with his large hand.


Shhh… Daddy's just gonna take what's his now.” 



TRIGGER WARNING: This book is provocative.

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