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here's your sneak peek.


“Juliana,” I groaned softly, continuing a light stroke against her before I called her a tad louder, “…babygirl.”

As if her slumber were an invitation, I roamed around, the small article of clothing she wore rustling to life. I staked ownership everywhere that I touched her. My heart hammered in my chest as I caressed her, never taking my eyes off her since the moment she fell slept. 


I couldn’t handle her the way I’d done early this morning in the peak hours as she’d been drugged up on sleeping medicine.

I acknowledged that fact, endured the sharp pang in my chest, and then leaned over, dragging my tongue across her hard nipple in one stroke. I will be gentle. I thought, hoping to quell my conscious as I flicked my tongue against her. I won’t wake her. I concurred, though her surprised expression enticed me.

I kissed her breast sloppily, licking and sucking as my hand lightly squeezed and rubbed her other breast. I pinched lightly with my fingers at the same moment I let my teeth graze the hard bud between his lips.

"Such pretty breasts," I whispered between suckles, stopping when she twitched in her sleep. Reluctantly, I picked my head up before I decided to tug on them the way I wanted to. My cock throttled a tent inside my shorts and pressed against the bone of her hip.

I pulled my pajama shorts down, deciding that it was harmless to feel her skin against mine as I slid my full erection against the smoothness of her thigh and up between the inner cloth of her panties. The waistband pressed my cock in place while I gripped her waist and stroked myself.

Ahhh,” I moaned and then brought my hand down past her stomach, and between her legs. I lightly traced my middle finger up her clothed slit, feeling the heat coming off of her, “…my little girl.”

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